In mid-winter mid-world

midway to your coming,

Jacopo, Giacomo, Nicolas, since

the light is now clear

and I stand still and look up

to see the last letter

of your alphabet, the heart’s.



These vague waves push me

farther and farther south,

pushed past the border,

under and over and in time

which passes while waiting,

as if you were here already,

not here yet,

until I sit down

at last, after the end,

after the few dimly-lit coins

show the moon their faces.



High, white road

to the end of the eyes,

like when I saw you swimming

on screen with fast motions.



출생의 시




겨울의 한 중간에, 세계의 한복판에

네가 오는 도중에

야고보, 지아코모, 니콜라스야,

이제 불은 환하고

나는 조용히 서서

네 알파벳의 마지막 글자를, 마음을,




네가 벌써 온 것처럼

이 희미한 파도는 나를

남으로 남으로 밀어내고

경계선 너머로 밀어냈다

기다리는 동안도 지나가는

시간 밑으로 시간 위로 시간 속으로

그러나 아직은 아니다

희미하게 불 켜진 동전 몇 닢이

달에게 저들 얼굴을 보여준 후에

마침내 다 끝난 후

내가 앉을 때까지.



시선 닿는 끝까지

높고 하얀 길,

빠른 동작으로 스크린에서

네가 수영하는 것을 봤을 때처럼.




In the liquid even before

you know where history goes,

where it ends, even before

light there is darkness, sharp

but not harmful, in the end,

at the end of the basin or valley

where in lightless gestures, you move,

waiting for light, breathless

and maybe senseless, for now

and weightless.



Sometimes as if all of a sudden

from the farthest corner,

after the birds’ flight,

the question strikes me: where do you come from?

As if ab absurdo, as in a dream:

where are you from? If before being

you didn’t live anywhere.

Where you come from . . . then

the question goes out

and falls silent.


Translated from the Italian by Olivia Holmes


Olivia Holmes teaches Italian at Binghamton University. She has published two scholarly books, Assembling the Lyric Self: Authorship from Troubadour Song to Italian Poetry Book (2000), and Dante’s Two Beloveds: Ethics and Erotics in the ‘Divine Comedy’ (2008).


Translated into Korean by Rachel S. Rhee & Kyung Hwa Rhee


Mario Moroni was born in Italy in 1955. He moved to the United States in 1989. He currently teaches Italian at Binghamton University. He has published seven volumes of poetry, one of poetic prose, three volumes of literary criticism, and has co-edited three collections of essays.


마리오 모로니1955Italy에서 출생한 미국 시인이다. 1989년에 미국 이민. 현재 빙햄턴 대학교에서 이탈리아어를 가르치는 교수. 시집 일곱 권, 산문시집 한 권, 문학 비평서 세 권을 집필, 그리고 수필 모음집 세 권을 공동 편집했다.