BRIIDGING THE WATERS 3  (국제 현대시3)  2020

Life Is a Blessing


Chun(Sung Ja) Kim


In any form of life

there are amazing wisdom

Hiding within.

Without fear

a person who has a courage

to embrace the life as a whole

could find wisdom

and accept it as it is.


Sometimes life may

demand pain.

Through that process

one realizes one has matured.

Within us

there are seeds of maturity

which we need to nurture to grow.


Compassion for humans

learn how to love well

and develop one’s uniqueness

and when one grows spiritually

one becomes light of the world

and becomes the existence of blessing

to others around.



인생은 축복



어떤 형태의 삶이든지

그 속에는 놀라운 지혜들이 들어

숨겨져 있습니다.

두려움 없이

삶 전체를 껴안을

용기를 지닌 사람은

지혜를 발견하고

있는 그대로 받아들입니다.


때로는 삶이 고통을

요구할지도 모릅니다.

그 과정을 통해

성숙해 졌음을 알게 됩니다.

우리 속에 있는

성숙을 위한 씨앗이

잘 자라도록 도와주어야 합니다.


인간에 대한 연민

잘 사랑하는 법을 배우며

각자의 고유함을 개발하여

영적으로 성장할 때

세상의 빛이 되고


축복의 존재가 됩니다.



 The Other Side of a Heart


Chun(Sung Ja) Kim

My heart is like a candle

melting within me and


My heart is like a river

undulating by the wind.


As a tree ring grows

longing grows

in the forlorn nights


In the depth of the other side of my heart

what is that crouches

I wonder

and gaze.


It is not anger

nor sadness

but a coil of tranquility.



마음 저변



내 마음은 촛농 같아서

내 속에서 녹으며


내 마음은 강물 같아서

바람에 출렁인다.


연륜이 자라듯이

그리움이 자라는

쓸쓸한 밤에


내 깊은 마음 저변에

웅크린 것이





슬픔도 아닌

평온의 똬리를




Chun(Sung Ja) Kim is a Seoul, Korea born poet. She was a teacher for seven years in Korea before immigrating to United States. She began her writing career after being selected as the new poet of the year by the Korean Expatriate Literature, in 2003. She was also awarded the new poet title by the Pure Literature. Kim has published a book of poetry called Blooming Magic Lily in Las Vegas. She is also a member of the Korean Expatriate Literary Association.