BRIIDGING THE WATERS 3  (국제 현대시3)  2020

On a Day Like This


Hee Jooh Kim

On a day like this

with curtains pulled back

I look out the window.



dropping teardrops

the green tree leaf


You were in pain too

the unattainable

yearning for the one far away


Let us

the bustling works of the work

fold them all



let us wash away our longings

on a day like this


The rainy day.


이런 날



이런 날

커튼을 젖히고

창밖을 내다본다.



눈물방울 떨어뜨리는

초록 나뭇잎


너도 아팠구나.

만나지 못하는

머언 먼 그리운 사람



분주한 세상일

다 접고



보고픔을 씻어내자

이런 날


비 오는 날. 



 Patchwork Quit


 Hee Jooh Kim

To be tossed are together

all the scraps are together

These tenderly held hands and

overlapped shoulder over shoulder.


For those who are

lonelier and colder

and sicker than us

it became a blanket to cover them.







버려지는 것 끼리


다정하게 손잡고

어깨와 어깨를 포갰습니다.


우리보다 더

쓸쓸하고 춥고

아픈 사람을 덮어주는

이불이 되었습니다.


Hee Jooh Kim: Kim born in Busan, Korea, previously worked as an elementary School teacher. She made her literary debut receiving the New Poet Award from Changjo Creation Literature. Her volumes of poetry include Living Is as Much as Loving, Sound of Water, and Sound of Wind (co-author). She received the 17th Annual Korean Expatriate Literary Award with her poems, Mowing the Gravesite, That Spring, the Pain, When I Want to Love, and a coup d'état in March. She is a member of Korean Literature Society of American, Korean Poets Association