BRIIDGING THE WATERS 3  (국제 현대시3)  2020



 Il-Hyung Kim

There are two bees in the flower garden.

Thorns are sitting on the cactus

On the sharp thorns, the hind legs are rubbed.

I’m full of flowers

Overjoyed, staying in the air for a while

It will disappear into the air without delay.


Friends who smiled and held hands together,

Even though we promised for a hundred years,

Alone in Heaven’s Paradise

I flew away without a trace.


Taking care of our friendly neighbors

With new power in the thorn garden

Heaven’s thanksgiving and joy are soaring.

Is this a change for real growth?





꽃밭에 나란히 날개 치는  꿀벌이 있다.

선인장 가시줄기에 사뿐히 앉아

날카로운 가시 위에 정답게 뒷다리 비비네.

꽃술에 입을 맞추어 배불리

기쁨에 넘쳐 공중에 잠시 머물다

지체 없이 허공 속으로 사라지네.


손잡고 함께 웃던 친구,

백년 회로 약속했건만 훨훨 털고

혼자 천상의 낙원으로

영영 흔적 없이 날아가 버렸네.


다정한 이웃들 위로 받으며

가시 밭에서 새로운 힘입어

하늘의 감사와 기쁨이 솟구치네.

이것이 진정 성장을 위한 변화인가?




 My Heart Is


 Il-Hyung Kim


What is the mind?

Like eyes can’t see eyes

The heart never sees the heart.


If I take a beautiful fragrance in the water,

Like never getting the spices out of the water

How can I get my mind out?


But the heart is when life ends

The mind never dies with the body

I'm falling for myself.


The heart is free and eternal.

Isn’t the heart going out?

I will hold on to me and live forever.







마음이란 무엇인가?

눈이 눈을 보지 못하듯

마음도 마음을 보지 못 하네.


아름다운 향료를 물에 타면,

다시는  물에서 향료를  빼내듯이

마음을 어떻게 빼낼  있을까?


그러나마음은 삶이 끝날 

마음은 몸과 함께 죽지 않고

스스로 빠져 나가네.


마음은 자유롭고 영원하리.

마음이야 말로 참 나(眞我) 아닌가!

참 나를 붙잡고 영원히 살리라.



 Il-Hyung Kim is poet, born on December 11, 1931 in Cheolsan, Pyeongbuk Province, Korea. He received a bachelor’s degree in 

English Literature from Chung-Ang University and a Master’s in Aesthetics from Pluton Graduate School. He received an award for an 

essay from Christian Literature and the Poet Award from Korean Expatriate Literature. He is a member of the Korean Literary Association, 

U.S. and Expatriate Literary Association, U.S.