BRIIDGING THE WATERS 3  (국제 현대시3)  2020


The Cruel March


Myung Ja Kim




The names in the same generation

Wearing a crown

enveloped in floral patterned lace, the Coronavirus.

Like the fireworks in the night sky

Indiscriminately sputtering all over the world

bursting out the sufferings.


Like a flower breaking through the March’s hard ground

Braggingly propagates and

indiscriminately attacks anyone and disrupts daily lives.


Nose, mouth, eyes, anywhere

Through the pathway of cunning and secret

followed by two weeks of asymptomatic parade

devil’s flowers bloom in the nooks reached.


When the landscape blossoms

do fly far away.

Will not ask any more questions.

Will not even remember.

Of the cruel March


잔인한 3





항렬이 같은 이름들

왕관을 쓰고

꽃무늬 레이스 옷으로 감싼 Corona Virus.


밤하늘의 불꽃처럼

펑펑 온 세계를 가리지 않고

아픔을 터뜨린다.


3월의 딱딱한 흙을 뚫고 피어나는 꽃처럼

허풍스레 증식하여

무차별 아무에게나 대들어 일상을 흔들어댄다.


, , 눈 어디든

교활하고 비밀스런 통로를 거치며

2주간의 무증상 퍼레이드

닿는 곳마다 틈새에 자라는 악의 꽃.


산수화 필 무렵

먼 곳 어디로 날아가 버리렴.

더 묻지 않으리.

기억하지도 않으리라.

잔인한 3월을





Myung Ja Kim

You cannot be without shoes

I cannot go anywhere without you.

(To bare the body) With many bones

hidden at the lowest point come with shyness

but go silently where ever asked to go,


When walking over the grass on a warm sunny day

would heartily crack into laughter being easily tickled

You who are full of tears living without being seen

cannot be without God.


Realized after long time has passed.

At times drifting like an autumn leaf

knows what futility is having gone here and there.

For this reason God carries you and walks.

Feet cannot be without God.






신이 없으면 안 되는 너

네가 아니면 아무 데도 못 가는 나.

(몸을 지탱하느라) 많은 뼈를 가지고

낮은 곳에 감추어 부끄러움이 많아도

어디든지 말없이 가자는 데로 가는,


햇볕 따스한 날 풀 위를 걸으면

간지럼 타서 깔깔거리기도 하지만

안 보이는 곳에 숨어 사느라 눈물이 많은 너는

(God)이 없으면 안 되는가봐.


오랜 세월이 흐른 후에야 알았네.

때론 낙엽처럼 굴러

아무 데나 헤젓고 다녀봐서 허무를 아는 너.

그래서 신(God)은 너를 안고 다니지.

신이 없으면 안 되는 발.



 Myung Ja Kim is a poet, born in 1943. She graduated from Seoul National University in 1964 and immigrated to the United States in 1968. In 1986, she graduated from Ohio State University with a B.F.A. degree. She made her debut in the literary world by winning the New Literature Poetry Award from Korean Expatriate Literature in 2018. She is a member of the Korean Expatriate Literary Association, U.S.