Korean Expatriate Literature (KEL)
KEL was established in 1997 by the poet and journalist Yoon Ho Cho, with the purpose of encouraging creative writing among Koreans overseas and of promoting Korean literature world-wide. Early contributors to KEL included the poets Ko Won (U.S.), Lee Jin (Russia), Chol Kim (China), and novelists Hwe-Sung Lee (Winner of the Akutagawa Literary Prize) and Miri Yoo (Japan).

KEL has published a literary journal of the same name annually, since 1997. The most recent volume, #19, was published in the spring of 2015. The editor and publisher is Yoon Ho Cho.

With the cooperation of Stanley H. Barkan, poet, publisher, and editor of Cross-Cultural Communications of Merrick, N.Y., KEL introduced works of international poets through its publications.

The First Poetry Exchange Event was held in July, 2011, in Los Angeles, with poets Stanley Barkan,

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, Peter Thabit Jones, and others participating, along with some Korean poets

and writers.

An anthology of poetry by Korean and international poets entitled Bridging the Waters was a joint

publication of KEL and CCC, in 2013. The anthology included 35 U.S. and international poets and

40 Korean and Korean-American poets.

After the publication of this anthology, KEL was asked by various international poetry groups, such as Imagine & Poesia of Italy and Cyclamen and Swords of Israel, to work in partnership with them.

KEL welcomes these opportunities and hopes that such partnerships will promote further exchange and help to introduce Korean literature to the wider world.

Partnerships have been established between KEL and the following groups:

CCC (Stanley Barkan, U.S.), Lips (Laura Boss, U.S.), The Seventh Quarry (Peter Thabit Jones,

 Wales, U.K.), Imagine & Poesia (Lidia Chiarelli Actis, Torino, Italy), Cyclamen and Swords

Publishing (Helen Bar Lev & John Simon, Israel), World Poetry (Ariadne Sawyer, Canada), Arba

Siculla (Gaetano Cipolla), Olimpia Iacob (Romania), Shabdaguchha (Hassanal Abdullah,

Bengali/English bilingual journal), KEL website: www.hewemunhak.com

For Information, contact:

Yoon-Ho Cho ychopoet@yahoo.com

Kyung-Nyun Richards richards.kyungnyun@gmail.com