Mee Soon Bea

There was an evening

when everyone was heading home after a day’s work.


There was a time

when all came together over a warm dinner table,

under the hazy light of the dusk in a line,

dusting off not a trifling of a day.

Burdened with the family’s happiness on his back,

he must have walked all his life, a too long of an exhausting walk.

White setting the dinner table,

I wait for him,

the one who will never come again no matter how long the wait,

for the one who will not arrive to the table,

even with the tears.


Translated from the Korean by Eunhwa Choe



저녁 밥상을 차리며



하루의 일을 마치고

모두가 집으로 돌아오는 저녁이 있었다.


일렬횡대의 어스름 불빛 속에

녹록치 않았던 하루를 털어내고

따뜻한 밥상을 마주하던 시간이 있었다

온가족의 행복을 짊어지고 평생 그는

너무 멀고 고단한 길 다녔나보다.

저녁 밥상을 차리며

기다려도 다시는 오지 않는 사람을

기다린다아무리 기다려도 밥상 앞에는

눈물로도 결코

올 수 없는 그 사람을




Love, didn’t know you would leave like this.

You who couldn’t even cry,

like the sudden stop of patter of rain, that was the end.

Didn’t get to hear you last words.

The last partying words, a hand gesture, a glance

should have been exchanged beforehand.

Didn’t really know the end would come like this.

After laying you down in that heavy casket,

with tears of a few mixed into the wind,

with a few blossoms of roses,

lifted a small shovel of dirt.

Been told this is the end. Time to cover with it.

Not just a bird but a sparrow or a starling,

not just a tree but a willow tree or an eucalyptus tree.

A moment by moment, you have

reached your summit on my heart, shining in flash,

even though you have left like the sudden stop of rain patter,

without the last goodbye.


Translated from the Korean by Eunhwa Choe


당신, 그렇게 갈 줄 몰랐어




당신, 그렇게 갈 줄 몰랐어.

울지도 못하던 당신

후두둑 비 그치듯, 그만이었던가봐

하고 싶었던 말 끝내 듣지 못했어.

손짓, 눈짓, 마지막 인사조차도

그 이전에 벌써 했어야했었어.

마지막이 그렇게 올 줄은 정말 몰랐어.

무거운 관 속에 당신의 몸을 누이고

몇 사람의 눈물, 바람결에 섞어

장미꽃 몇 송이와 함께 내려놓고

작은 삽으로 흙을 떠 얹었어.

그게 끝이라네, 그만 덮어야한다네.

새가 아닌 참새나 찌르레기로

그냥 나무가 아닌 버드나무나 유클립투수로

한순간, 한순간 당신은 내 가슴에

정점을 찍었어, 섬광처럼 빛났었어.

마지막 인사조차 남기지 않은 채

후두둑 비 그치듯 가버렸지만



배미순은 경북 대구에서 출생한 여류시인이다. 연세대학 국문과를 졸업했다. 1970 중앙일보 신춘문예 시부문에 당선되어 등단했고해외문학상 시부문 대상을 수상했다. 미주문학상 대상을 수상하고, 2014 채규선예술상을 수상했다. 예지문학 -여성문학단체를 창립하고, 시카고 중앙일보 문화센터 원장을 역임하고 영모사 대표이며 현재 시카고타임스 편집장을 맡고 있다. 시집은우리가 날아가나이다, 풀씨와 공기돌, 보이지 않는 하늘도 하늘이다 등과 금밖의 세상 만들기 공저의 수필집 등이 있다.


Mee Soon Bae is a poet from the city of Daegu, Geongsang-bu

kdo Province. She made her literary debut by winning the Poetry Award from the Joongang Daily in 1970. She was also awarded Korean Expatriate Literature Grand Prize and Korean American Literature Society of America Award. In 2014, she received Chae Gyu Sun Arts Award. Bae is also the founder of Yeji Literary Association. She was also a director of the Korea Central Culture Center of the Korea Daily Chicago. She is currently an editor at Chicago Times. Her collection of poetry includes, We Are Flying, Grass Seeds and Pebbles, Sky is Sky even Unseen, and others. Her essay collection includes Makings of the World Outside the Border.