Ifeanyi A. Menkiti

Noah had a big nose and because Noah had a big nose
all the animals first refused
to go into the Ark with him
lest he crowd them out with his very big nose.

But the reason Noah had a big nose was because he was
too poor to have his nose trimmed;
Noah lived with the nose that God gave him. Because of this, the animals
took great pity on him;
that was why they decided
to join him in the Ark.

From Before a Common Soil (Ilora Press, 2007)

Ifeanyi A. Menkiti, born in Nigeria, teaches Philosophy at Wellesley College and is the present owner of the Grolier Poetry Book Shop. He has published four books of poetry

이피아니 멘키티 : 나이제리아 출생. Wellesley College에서 철학을 가르침. Grolier Poetry Book Shop을 운영 중. 4권의 시집을 발간함.


이피아니 A. 멘키티
번역: 이승은(Rachel S. Rhee), 서경화

노아는 코가 
노아의 코가
모든 짐승들이 처음엔 노아를 따라
방주에 들어가기 거절했네.
그의 코가 너무 커서 방주가 답답할까 봐.

그러나 노아의 코가 컸던
이유는 돈이 없어 코를
낮출 수가 없었기 때문이었네.
노아는 하나님이 주신 코 그대로
살았네. 그 때문에 짐승들은
그를 불쌍히 여겼네.
그래서 짐승들은 그를 따라 방주로
들어가기로 결정했네.

<Before a Common Soil (Ilora Press, 2007)>에서 발췌