Bong Ja Ahn

I folded and unfolded
A white paper boat.

Who is the noble-born high up there
Passing through the perfumed April air.
Why the robins are busy singing at this early hour
And silvery sunrays ripple everywhere.

It’s you
It’s me
One followed by the other
Arrived on this side of mortal shore,

Where the yearnings flutter as high as they are deep,
Where Karma is yet to be unwound from tangled spool,
Where Breath of Life is like jade, precious and tearful.

Today again
My white paper boat
I fold, unfold, and fold again.

From Poet and the Paper Boat (2013)

Bong Ja Ahn is a literary columnist for Vancouver local Korean newspapers. A winner of the World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award and Overseas Korean Literature Award. Author of seven books.



안 봉 자



하얀 종이배

접었다 폈다


꽃 사월 먼 하늘가

어느 귀한 손님이 지나시기에

개똥지빠귀 새들 아침부터 저리 부산스럽고

햇살은 은빛 가득히 찰랑이는가


흐르는 너와

흐르는 내가

앞서거니 뒤서거니 다다른

이승의 강가에서는


그리움 깊은 만큼 높이 나부끼고

살뜰히 못다 푸는 얽힌 인연에

목숨은 눈물겨운 비취빛인데



또 하얀 종이배

접었다 폈다 또 접었다.


2 영문시집 Poet and the Paper Boat/ 시인과 종이배’ (2013)에 수록


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